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In 2002, Chuanxi Bazi operated out of a modest shoplot in Chengdu, China, barely 3000 sq ft-wide.

Today, it has nearly 300 stores nationwide, and is the No#1 Hotpot restaurant in China.

Founded by Master Chef Hu Jianqing, Chuanxi Bazi is recognised as the official “Chinese Hot Pot” brand by the China Cuisine Association (CCA). 


What began as a dream for a humble man, has now evolved into a dining experience unlike any other.

Perhaps, it is due to the restaurant’s core values that make it so different from the rest — the word “family” lies at the heart of it all.

For Master Chef Hu, everyone who works for the restaurant and all those who dine at the restaurant are like his own family — they always come first.


And that is assurance that you’ll only find the top-most quality standards for food and service in Chuanxi Bazi, without compromise on the authentic Sichuan Hotpot essence.

Now, bringing you a taste from home, is the first Chuanxi Bazi flagship store overseas, right here in Kuala Lumpur.

手工肉卷The sweetness in the salt

Hu Jianqing was a boy of the mountains. Born in Guang’an, Sichuan, at the foot of Huaying Mountain, Hu chased after a love for the culinary arts, enrolling himself in the prestigious Sichuan Higher Institute of Cuisine — the only culinary college in China at that time. 

Upon graduation, Hu embarked down a most unusual path: he spoke nothing of his educated background but instead chose to work his way up as a kitchen hand, in a bid to learn the ways of the culinary world.

All his peers who had earlier stepped up onto the stove to become masters, however, soon left the field one by one. It was a difficult career path, one that bore little rewards for a whole lot of hard work. 


But Hu persevered, backed by his family’s encouragement and guidance. His willingness to take on the hardest work —from cleaning fish and chopping vegetables to carrying hot coal with blistered hands — in return for the lowest wages, earned him a great reputation among many seasoned chefs, who were delighted to take such a fine, hardworking young man under their wings.

Hu would go on to head many a restaurant, before overseeing as a consultant to over 20 hotels in the Chinese region.

Today, he is one of the top Master Chefs in China, having since won numerous culinary accolades.

Chuanxi Bazi is currently listed on the Shanghai Equity Exchange, with food standards complying to the ISO 22000 and ISO 9001 food safety management system certifications.

双椒牛肉 (3)

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在食品标准 ISO 22000 和 ISO 9001 符合食品安全管理体系认证下,【川西坝子】于2017年4月21日在上海股权托管交易中心成功挂牌,开创了巴蜀饮食文化的新未来。